What Exactly Does an Auto Muffler Do? Part Two

When Will an Automotive Muffler Need Replacing?

Another kind of muffler, referred to as a high performance one, comprises of a straight steel pipe that has perforations along it, this allows sound cancelling while making little back pressure. This tube is encased within glass insulation and protected with a steel shell. This was extremely popular within the 60s and 70s on muscle cars, such as the GTO or classic Chevy. This has an explosive sound which gave it its street name, the cherry bomb. They are still popular on hot rods and classic cars.

Because this is installed beneath the undercarriage, it is very often overlooked. And as a result of everyday wear and tear, it will rust over time and could even fall off. So it is recommended that you inspect it every so often to ensure it is still securely clamped.

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